Fishing Report

Sept 14, 2021
Water temp:  62
Water flow:  75c.f.s.

 Due to our limited rainfall this year our water levels are extremely low this year.  Additionally, the water was much warmer than normal during the summer months but is now cooling down with colder evenings. Best fishing is still in the early morning and late evening.  Fish are hiding down low in deeper pools.

Fly fisherfolks have been having luck with Elk Hair Caddis tan and olive no. 14, Yellow Stimulator in 12 and 14, flying ants and copper johns. 

 Our local forests have been closed for nearly 4 weeks so fisherfolk cannot access our local lakes basin.  This should change once the forest reopen.

Good luck!


Effective flies have been - 


Dry Flies: 

  • Elk Hair Caddis #12-16, tan, gray, olive

  • Yellow Stimulators #10-14

  • Adams Parachute #12-16

  • Ants #12-14

  • Prince Nymph #14-16

  • Pheasant Tail #12-16

  • Caddis Pupa #12-16, olive, gray, tan

  • Hare's Ear #10-16

  • Copper Johns #14-16, copper, red, olive.

Fishing reports are courtesy of Jim Johnston and Jon Baiocchi. For more specific fishing information, check out