Fishing Report

Sept. 3, 2019
Water temp:  mid 60s 
Water flow:  201 c.f.s.

No dog days of summer this year for the trout, flows are still higher than normal and water temperatures are still cool. From Downieville upstream to Bassetts Station, the fishing has been good all day long into the evening. Downstream of Downieville the afternoons have been a little slow with warming water temperatures due to less shade, a more open canyon, plus longer pools where the water receives a lot of solar radiation. Caddis flies have been thick this summer and the fish are very much keyed in on them. Also on the menu for the trout are grasshoppers, ants, and beetles - It's that time of year where fishing terrestrials is as important as ever. In late June DFW planted rainbows behind Sierra Pines Resort, and planted trout are not as strong as their wild counterparts and literally go with the flow - Downstream! So, there should be an abundant supply of stocked rainbows through the system. Fishing pressure from my perspective seems lighter than normal this summer, but it always pays to fish the more remote areas where the fish receive little pressure, and have seen less artificial flies.


Dry/Dropper rigs continue to produce and are really a lot of fun to fish. Start with a dry fly, then add 18-24 inches of 5X mono down to your choice of a weighted nymph. The fish can eat your dry fly, or take the nymph under the surface. When fishing this rig, if your dry fly disappears - Set the hook! That's a grab! Summer vacations are coming to an end so get out there, and don't forget to come back in fall and experience the second season, with glowing fall colors, less anglers on the water, and great mid day fishing!


Effective flies have been - 


Dry Flies: 

  • Elk Hair Caddis #12-16, tan, gray, olive

  • Yellow Stimulators #10-14

  • Adams Parachute #12-16

  • Ants #12-16

  • Hoppers #10-14

  • Renegades #12-14

  • Buzz Hackle #10-14

  • Humpy #12-16, yellow, red, orange, green

Nymphs: (gold or copper beads best)

  • Prince Nymph #14-16

  • Pheasant Tail #12-16

  • Caddis Pupa #12-16, olive, gray, tan

  • Hare's Ear #10-16

  • Copper Johns #14-16, copper, red, olive.

Fishing reports are courtesy of Jim Johnston and Jon Baiocchi. For more specific fishing information, check out


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